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Where it all started

As with so many great and terrible things is recent years, the circumstances surrounding the formation of BDSM 101 largely have to do with the COVID-19 Pandemic. Sir Drgn is from Las Vegas Nevada, normally a bustling and thriving BDSM/Kink and Leather community. Once the pandemic hit, as with most places and things, everything shut down. 

In a desperate attempt to fill the wanton needs not being filled, Sir Drgn turned to the online Kink community, and what he found, appalled him. There were a few decent places with solid information, and a couple creators on Tik Tok that were putting out good stuff, but they were grossly out numbered by the sheer ignorance of the 50 shades generation of kinksters. 

On a whim, not expecting much to come of it, Sir Drgn started making BDSM 101 Tik Toks. Taking the years of learning this lifestyle through trails and tribulations, mentors and bad examples, internet searches and audio books, and poured it all into 1 to 3 minute videos. Never in his wildest dreams would he ever have thought so many of you would have liked what he was putting out.

The thousands of likes, follows, and comments told him one thing, the online community was hungry for solid, safe, and accurate information about the BDSM/Kink, Leather, and Poly lifestyles. Tynk R. Belle our Co-Founder suggested that we create a Discord server after Imaginarious (Tik Tok Creator and Moderator of BDSM 101’s Discord Server) did a Duet of one of Sir Drgn’s videos and they ended up connecting over Video Chat. A Discord server would allow those who were starving for information to connect to Sir Drgn and Tynk directly. 

Through this server our community grew closer, into a family. We count some of our closest friends among its members, people we have never actually met in person, people from all over the world. One of those users, Dispater, quickly showed himself to be one of our biggest supporters, and proved that he lives his life to the standards of the 4 pillars that Sir Drgn and Tynk respect so much. 

When it became obvious to Sir Drgn that our family was out growing the capabilities of Discord, he went to Dispater and asked him to help with a super secret project, this site that your on now. 

Mission Statement

BDSM 101’s mission is to provide as much accurate information about the BDSM/Kink, Leather, and Poly as possible, while creating a safe space to socialize, learn, and be kinky to those who want to learn and be respectful. Rule number one while interacting anywhere that is BDSM 101… Don’t Be A Dick

About the Founders

Sir Drgn


Discovering this lifestyle after his ex-wife read 50 Shades of Grey, he has spent the last 8 years learning and experiencing as much of this lifestyle as possible. Learning from some of the most respected communities leaders in the Las Vegas Nv community.

Through trials and tribulations, google searches and audio books, mentors and bad examples, he has become a respected repository of knowledge, and loves to share his experiences with the world.

Tynk R. Belle

Entering this Lifestyle a few months before she really should have, she has spent the last 18 years learning, experiencing, and teaching this lifestyle. A wealth of knowledge, she was mentored by a long standing and very well respected house slave. 

Running as a solo-submissive for the majority of her years in the lifestyle, she has had the opportunity to experience the play style of more then most, and has turned this experience into a uniquely near all encompassing view of our lifestyle, allowing her to teach from a view point far beyond her years.

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