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1. Don’t be a Dick.

2. ALL members must be 18+

*Any instance of posting media depicting sexual acts with anyone under the age of 18 will get you reported to the FBI.

3. Always ask permission to DM someone. Community Admins and the BDSM 101 account are the exception.

4. While no one is Required to participate in discussions, we do want to keep this a safe space free from lurkers, so please drop in from time to time. NOTE: After 180 days of no activity your account will be deleted, Unless you have an active membership.

5. While public flirting and banter is encouraged between those that have negotiated it, please refrain from doing so with anyone you have not received enthusiastic consent from. Please refrain from issuing commands even if you are in a dynamic. Things of this nature should be done in other spaces or in private.

6. No Role-Playing of any sort, to include age-play, sexting, or virtual scenes.

AGE-PLAY EXAMPLE: Due to the nature of little space, when in little space, a little is unable to cognitively utilize this kind of site the way that adults do. So playing little in chat is an adult age-playing a certain age.

Reason: When you role-play or sext in groups or on the activity stream, you are bringing every member of that site/group into your scene without negotiation or consent.

7. Admins reserve the right to remove comments that are in poor taste, violate rules, or are inappropriate for either the group or the discussion.

8. Admins reserve the right to ban and remove those who violate the rules.

9. Be sure to check group specific rules.

10. This site is not for hook-up or to find your next partner.

11. When talking about anything to do with abuse, Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Medical anything, or any other potential triggers please Add “TW:”  and a description of the trigger.

12. Nude pictures or videos are restricted to the premium group Sir Drgn’s Court. For access sign up for a VIP or Bundle Membership

ADDING OR INVITING OTHERS! All members are allowed to invite those they think can add to and/or enjoy the conversations while abiding by the rules.

Remember: when in doubt, ask for consent

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